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Unique Baby Girl Names

Rare girl names are the highlight of naming new borns. Unique names are preferred by parents to give their offspring a distinct identity. Names are a lot about personality, they are a life time association and hence the unique name is preferred by families. The school days are usually known by the surname and the later days of college usually go into nick names like Lucky for Lakshmi or Venky for a Venkatraman. But then pet names in India are also common like Dinky, Pinky, Tinu, Annu or a Ammu. Uusally the name is cut short in case of an endearment.

 Baby names like Chandani, Chitraganhda, Chinmayi are unique along with Gatiti, Sumana, Suhana and Ritwika. Rajata is silver, Rudrani is wife of Shiva and Rachita is creation. Names in A are very famous as parents feel the starting alphabet bring good tidings to their offspring. A names that are popular are like Ashlesha, Ashika, Ahana, Aarati, Amulya, Anisha, Ansha, Anya, Akruti, Ambalika, Ashavari, Avni and Amla. Vallika is a creeper, Visala is a celestial being, Vani is speech.

 There are names like Vanee or Renee which are French in origin yet preferred by parents. Lochana, Lona and Lipika are some name which are not very common. Christian names like Eva, Yvonne, Yvette, Celina are not very common in India. Yashika or Yashwani is again unique and letter that begin with Y or V are not very common in India. Iccha means wish, Ichita means desired, Inakshi or Ina is again unique.

 Samudra, Mudra, Meeta, Manika, Rasha are some names that are trendy. Mayameeta, Manita, Pratipada are other names that are very Indian yet sound nice. Megha means cloud, Ekta means unita and Supriya means good looks. Sai prasanna, Sai Nitya, Sai Ramani are other names that are common with people who have allegiance to Sai Baba. Daisy and Dulcie are sweet sounding. Pria, Preetha, Priyasi or Pranaya all stand for love. Darsha, Darshana or Darshani are some variants in the letter D.

 Tapti means a river, Tara is a star, Trusha means thirst. Niyama or Nishta are also not very common. Yashchita, Yamini, Dharini or Dhriti are also uncommon names.

Twin Baby Girl Names : The birth of a child is a great feeling for parents. First time parents are in total awe of their children and a lot of choices is available fin names for baby girl. Twins mean lot of work along with the major selection of names. The choice is very much personal though parents often ask their relatives and friends to give their choices. Usually parents who are expecting twins are already aware of their huge work ahead and the biggest task also seems in naming the baby.

 In case one wants to name the Hindu baby girls after Goddess Laxmi then, the choice can be Ashoka and Padmini, Kantha and Vasudha, Shanta and Bhaskari. Some uncommon names after Goddess Durga are Shree and Siddhi, Vidhya and Dhruti, Ratri and Prabha, or Saukyada and Arogyada. Godess Saraswathi names like Padma and Hamsini are also unique choices.

 Unique and non rhyming names for baby girls can also be Shipra and Sukhada, Saumya and Akhila, Shlesha and Shloka, Shreemayi and Sharana, Shoni and Kavya, Tanya and Tisca, Pramila and Prayusha, Prakriti and Mayura, Shichi and Shyama or Ritwika and Rituja. Chritian names like Ida and Rachael, Liz and MaryAnn, Annette and Janette are also interesting. Sikh names make good choices in Manpreet an Mannet, Puneet and Prabhneet, Rasneet and Manmeet and Simran and Smaran.

 There are rhyming choices in simple names like Divya and Nitya, Pranali and Anjali, Rituja and Anuja, Prasanna and Alpana, Amisha and Esha, Siya and Rhea, Nidhi and RIddhi, Ridhima and Nilima, Megha and Raga, Supriya and Shantipriya, Ekta and Sucheta, Nandana and Vandana, Sarala and Pramila, Shayana and Shaina, Ramanika and Anika, Ashita and Rashita, Ruchhtia and Yashita, Shalini and Nandini, Sachi and Prachi.

 Though raising twins is not very easy, there is lot of opportunity to celebrate and dress the baby girls. They look in perfect company with the range in basinets, caps, woolen clothing’s, shoes, play things and first birthday party kids that really comes in coordinated effects. There is joy in celebrating functions and taking them out to the park or mall as generally they are the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. Double joy is seen in seeing them grow, look identical and yet have a distinct personality.                                               

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

coloring pages

coloring pages

Child coloring pages are the best way to introduce the child to the world of art and drawing. Colors are very important in a child’s life. It is essential to help the child to learn about colors. The motor skills for a toddler are yet to be formed. The initial way is to give a crayon with the basic colors of red, blue, green and yellow and ask them to scribble in a pad.

Eventually they are able to hold the crayon well. Use bold and firm crayon or wax crayon sets which give them a lot of confidence. Slowly they love to color and we could also demonstrate a few coloring ideas to them. Children love to color their cartoon characters so initially it is better to pick something that amuses them. Show them the variations in the colors while coloring it as dark or light. The idea is to let them enjoy coloring.

choosing colors for your toddler

Colors fascinate all of us. While introducing colors to your child, make sure to relate the same to real things in life. Let them look around and learn. Pre schools too insist on color days wherein they have to wear clothes as per the said color. The idea is to have run and make them understand about colors and related concepts. While choosing colors for your toddlers pick easy wax crayons of the thicker variety.

Use some concepts of coloring Disney pages as this is very much liked by children. The best way to let them color is introduce one color every three days. Hereby they are able to retain most of their learning. Let them color the Disney characters in yellow and let them do the same with a banana or the Sun. The color yellow is thus identified by them. There are amazing books in coloring which can be introduced to them as they develop their motor skills.

printable coloring pages

Buying coloring pages & school supplies for your child is not easy. There are so many prints for ready coloring that are available for your child in cartoon characters, houses, fairy lands and pictures of a toddler or a human being. Coloring is an easy way to teach a child to understand about facts. Make them learn about the blue sea, blue ribbon or the blue earth and they will understand more about facts along with colors.

All kids have a fascination for the fairy world. The coloring princess pages are liked by all children and magic or spooky faces is their favorite. They are able to relate them to the fancy ideas of the fairy land which is much about the innocence in their mind. These coloring pages come in many kinds of books. Downloadable printing books make it easy for them to have a variety of pages. A perfect way to spend a rainy evening or a holiday is to get them into the mood of coloring.

easter coloring pages

Absolutely enjoyable and exciting coloring pages are seen in the kid’s collection for Easter coloring pages. The coloring sheet pages are simply lovable with the colors indicating the very many ideas that come along with Easter festival. A better idea to spend Easter is to get into a mood of coloring along with children. It is interesting to note that adults too learn new ideas while coloring and Easter is the best time to bond with family.

The different hues or the comic ideas represented in an egg hold the interest of any child. Downloadable print sheets are easy to explain to your child and that can be done with a simple click of a button. Try painting the Easter printed egg in all hues almost with the rainbow colors. Going to a serious note, Easter fable prints are available. This is the best way to teach your child about the significance of Easter.

family time with coloring pages

The best way to bond with family is to do something interesting. Arrange a brunch affair with family and get into a mood of a coloring contest with the entire family. Let Grandma and Grandpa enjoy the coloring regaling their old days. The concept can be done in the garden or arrange a nice post lunch session. Family time is important and uses the same to help your child get into a competitive mood. Colors are lively and hence add more fun to the excitement. This is the best part while doing a get-together with family.

Coloring fun pages like jokers, sea animals, animated cartoons which show expressions are a great way to enjoy with family. Organize a simple family group competition or rather invite your neighbors with families too. Keep simple winner gifts like books, key chains and this can be an extension of a pot luck party. Replace the siesta in the afternoons with family coloring and try painting unusual ideas and experiment with water colors or professional coloring mediums.

coloring competition

Childhood is a time of joy. Participation in any competition helps them to gather confidence. A simple tea party for adults can be combined with a competition as family coloring time. Let children get their own colors and suggest a theme for elders. Summer time and holidays are the best time for such informal competition. Colors bring joy in our life and experimenting with water colors or canvas painting can be included.

Coloring print pages are economical and downloading prints of animals, celebrities, and characters is very easy. This can be used for small children. For children above eight, the enthusiasm in a competition can be highlighted with landscape painting and more thematic inclusions that will buoy up their excitement. Children’s day coloring competition can be done along with other ideas like clay making, puppet shows. The session can end in a simple certificate or trinkets that are of great importance for children.

Children’s day coloring pages

Coloring pages puzzles are awesome and enthrall a child’s intrigue. Kids per se love to keep busy by doing what they like. Taking a break from the routine on a regular school shift, use the coloring pages to bring out the best in children. Toddlers need guidance when it comes to coloring. Use simple ideas like a large hat or ball for starters. The point is to initiate the coloring habit which can slowly be honed to free hand drawing. Developing motor skills is best done with coloring concepts.

November 14th is special for children and the best time for competition. Group coloring contests adds more fun in the day’s celebration. Puzzles can be made interesting if children color things in parts. Puzzle cards can be painted and put them together to make an octopus or a Disney character. Alphabets can be well taught with crayon coloring or using sticking ideas which talk about a lot of fun and participation.

coloring christmas pages

Children in the primary section have coloring or drawing as a key subject in most schools. This is to create awareness and make the child an all rounder. Coloring is essential as slowly the trait develops and children are able to concentrate well in their activities. Kids color pages are fun and full of excitement. Several books come with religious significance like Easter or Christmas paintings. The depiction of fables or a coloring an angel with wings comes easily to a child and they love the same.

There are interesting activities along with coloring activity which can be brought as a kit from children’s collections displayed in specific shops. This is the best way to let them know about the fables of Christ or the importance of Christmas. Drawing a snow man and landscaping the snowy castle is very exciting for all of us. Painting the nose of Rudolph sure catches the excitement of all toddlers and they are sure to sing the carol aloud while painting.

cartoon coloring pages

Coloring Easter pages and other interesting coloring pages are available for children. The grip on a pencil or wax crayon helps them to make an effort to build their motor skills. Cartoon color pages add to their interest and are the best way to explore the child’s interest. Competitions in an informal way or even a birthday party celebration can be done with a coloring contest.

Extending more fun to coloring can be done with a theme painting. Easy to print, the coloring pages can be done from any website. There are mermaids, fairies and also Disney cartoons which can be colored in varied hues. Number fun and cartoon coloring can be linked so as to facilitate a fun method of learning which is more liked by children. Concepts can be linked with clay molding or other pictorial representations. Dependable crayons are found in the branded variety which makes coloring interesting for children.

Halloween coloring pages

Valentines coloring pages are cute representations of teddy and heart shape pictures. Broad space for drawing is the best coloring page for children. Halloween parades have interactive games and the best way is to let the child participate. This adds to their confidence. The coloring pages consist of ghosts, witches, amazing castles in the Halloween section.

Free hand drawing is good for older children and they would love to sketch a spooky image or draw a scary picture of a dragon or other character. Using dark colors and combinations of violet, red and black is certainly an interesting theme. Magic wands, ghostly faces and the indispensable pumpkin are surely of great interest to children. There are other images of cute babies wearing Halloween clothes and stretching the imagination wild certainly helps. Family coloring is a good way to spend a Halloween celebration. Imagination comes more with spooky cats, candles and fiery mansions.

activity coloring pages

The best way to inculcate interest in a child is to introduce them to colors. Use some water colors and try a face painting idea. Plain sheets are interesting for the child to scribble initially. Once they like the idea, there are picture coloring pages which are found in bound form and printable formats.

Whether it a concept of food or cooking, doing a pizza or a burger is colorful and full of fun. Race the children in a coloring contest and what happens is surely good fun. Alongside the child can be introduced to counting the pizza or count the toppings on the same. Help them draw the cherries on a cake and the concept of color-red, cherry-fruit and number of cherries on the same can be taught to them.

We can teach them about the different parts of a tree or different flowers with the help of coloring pages. Small coloring hand books are easy to carry and can be carried on long vacations as children find it very interesting. Kits are available similarly with colors, books and other stationery items in compact packing.

party coloring pages

Coloring picture books are one of the elements that add fun to a birthday party. It’s a good idea to get a few drawing pages for girl and other ones for boys. Let them color with their imagination and the best colored one can be awarded a prize. For a tea party, let the ladies get into the mood of drawing and presenting each other their works. For a more mature mood, incorporate new coloring ideas like landscapes, themes and many other coloring pages.

Party coloring for Christmas and New Year is a novel idea. Easter color books have a lot of story attached to it. Let children narrate simple folk tales with assembling the picture in a story telling format. This is perhaps the best way to build a team when there are people who are meeting for the first time. Spring parties with neighbors can be fun with garden parties or coloring pages to go on with scones and cakes.

color by number coloring pages

Children’s coloring pages come in number works and alphabets too. Include a daily session of coloring the number. More fun is seen in coloring and sticking ideas like painting the sheep white and doing wool sticking on the same. Count the sheep as two or three and color the number. For children shapes and size matter a lot. Initially it is better to keep broad kind of coloring pages and also help them in drawing an outline so the colors stay inside the part.

Include number color pages which are interesting and a fun way to teach them about numbers. While introducing number names, restrict the teaching to a number name and let them color the same. Coloring TEN with different colors marks the same in their memory and hence learning becomes easy. Narrate a poem on numbers or sing along a song. Immediately draw the numbers and do not insist on perfection. Slowly they get attuned to doing it correctly and the fun element helps them stay focused.

dot to dot coloring pages

Amazing new ideas come in the market for children and toddlers to try their skill in painting and coloring. Dot paintings are easy and help to generate the motor skills in young children. While teaching them the basics of alphabets or numbers, the motor skills are still being honed. For the same, it is advisable to introduce the child to wax crayons and color pages for kids.

Dot to dot pages in colors aid them to keep their steady. Concentration is better developed by the same so that in the later times their hand stays steady. Cute bunnies, babies with large hats, rabbits with huge ears or a lion are enchanting for a child. There are other stories or fables like fairy land, Alice in wonderland and also flowers like a rose on lotus.

Kids love colors and joining the dots gives them a sense of satisfaction. They love independence in the same. Coloring helps them to learn the different shades in the basic colors like light, medium and dark colors and the skill is developed with variations in the same pattern.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Underweight Child

Underweight children can cause lots of anxiety for their parents. Many a times, parents have provided special care and nutrition to their underweight kids and yet they see no marked improvement and that can be very stressful for the parents. Underweight children have significantly less weight and height than what it should be at that particular age. There can be many causes for this particular phenomenon such as, child may have been born underweight or because of genetic or hereditary factors or improper nutrition, malnutrition or an unbalanced diet may also lead to a child being underweight. It can also be a combination of one or more these factors including some psychological or physiological problem.

Parents should maintain certain routine for underweight children. Factors like sleep and wake-up times, mealtimes and play etc play a vital role in making child healthy. Proper eating routine and habit should be developed in the child. He/she should get undisturbed sleep on a regular basis. Parents should strictly avoid junk food and in-between snacks, and focus more on whole meals and fruits or salad based snacks. It is the duty of the parents to develop taste and respect for food and healthy eating in the child. Child’s eating habits goes a long way in determining his weight issue. A well balanced diet with appropriate inclusion of proteins, carbohydrates and calories can sort out the problem with ease.

Hygiene is a vital element in a child’s life. Child must be taught basic hygiene, and should also be educated about the need for hygiene. He should also be encouraged to indulge in playful activities and sports which will stimulate appetite, exercises and stretch his body parts. Finally, parents should strive to develop a congenial, healthy environment at home where child is able to see a general display of hygiene and a love for fruits and greens in his family.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Handle Whining Children

It is not unusual to find children whining and complaining every once in a while. But what is worrisome for parents is to see their children seeing things in a negative light almost all the time. That is definitely a cause of worry. It is a nightmare to find your kids indulged in nitpicking all the time. It can be emotionally exhausting for parents. Parents often feel confused regarding how best to handle such situations. So what causes such behavior in children?

The first reason could be parents’ behavior. If parents themselves are indulged in complaining behavior then kids are also most likely to follow their parents. In that case, parents need to watch their behavior and ranting in front of the children. Parents should always lead by example. If they are not presenting the right examples, how could they expect kids to do the same?

First and foremost, parents should ask children the kind of behavior that they expect from them. It will help to explain what is positive and what is negative, and make sure he understands the difference between the two. Ideally, parents should sit with the child and talk about the undesirable things and how it is affecting the overall environment.

A good conversation always helps. Don’t underestimate the child’s ability to grasp the things. Or you can also set a certain time frame when child could complain about all the things he deems fit. If the complaints are sensible enough, parents can adequate steps to rectify the situation. Using these methods you can control your child's whining in a peaceful and authoritative way.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Raising a Smart Child

We are living in a world where parents are constantly scrambling to get their infants admitted into best schools. The competition has become so tough that kids are consistently being burdened. Yes, the truth is all the parents want to have smart children. So, how to turn your bundle of joy into the most promising kid around? Well, the first thing parents need to learn and do is not to overburden their kid. They must believe in the natural ability of the child. Don’t force child to learn anything. Try to find his strengths and encourage him to pursue it.

Children are very good observers. They learn a lot by simply experiencing the world. It is the job of the parents to provide opportunities to the kids so that they can learn in most original way. Concerts, theatres, museums etc provide unique learning experience to the kids. Parents should never ever make judgment on children’s learning value. As said earlier, motivate them to pursue what interests them the most.

Children of all ages need free time to read, explore or just absorb. Parents should ensure those rare moments on a frequent basis. Indulge in frequent reading with your child. Make it a daily ritual. Children get to learn from that. It will also help in establishing better bond between the parents and the child.

Present worthy examples of your deeds and passions to your kids. Children need no better role models than their parents. Children learn by example and you are the ideal person to give it to them.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parenting and Technology

Parents have mixed feelings about effects of technology. For some, technology has managed to spoil kids. Whether it is video games, television, cell phones and internet, parents do not feel comfortable with the spread of technology in children’s lives. But at the same time, parents should not ignore the valuable contributions made by technology in the lives of children. There is no doubt about the fact that technology is an integral part of our lives. It is a necessary evil which we must embrace and accept. Technology can prove to be a wonderful ally for parents.

For instance, let’s consider school reports. It has become a common practice in schools to send weekly or monthly performance reports to parents via emails. This way, parents will be consistently updated with child’s progress and his attendance record. Teachers can also interact with parents on a regular basis with the help of internet.

Technology is proving to be a boon for schools. Many educational institutions are adopting new modes of learning with the help of interactive/multimedia tools. Here again, with the help of technology, learning becomes a complete fun activity and wonderful experience for the kids. By taking the help of technology, kids can complete their home assignments and projects.

Technology is not at all a bad thing but if misused, anything can turn out to be a bad influence. Parents can use technology to secure their children. This can be achieved with the help of CCTV cameras or closed circuit television cameras. Parents can keep an eye on their wards with the help of CCTVs. This is definitely a big relief for parents who work or travel a lot. Parents can also rest easy about their child’s location with able assistance from GPS technology. If you apply right parenting control on PC, kids can learn a lot on internet. Seeing all these benefits, parents should definitely embrace technology and make the most out of it

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Handling Shy Children

Shyness among children is a common phenomenon. Shyness has a deep impact on child’s future depending upon how he/she and her parents tackle it. Many a times, parents fail to realize the basic nature of a kid. It has been observed that some parents take child’s shyness or aloofness as a sign of disobedience and arrogance whereas some other finds it a good sign. They assume a child is shy because he is quiet and gentle in nature but truth is far from that. The situation demands much more understanding from the parents. The most common fallout of a shy child is his avoidance of basic social interactions at all costs. Introverted children also find it difficult to mix up with other kids. They avoid sports and any social activity demanding group participation. This adversely affects their physical, mental and emotional growth.

Excessively shy children are prone to social phobia when they grow up. They even feel hesitant in sharing their emotions, interacting with peers and social outings. This makes him isolated and completely stunts his growth and development. It is the responsibility of parents to try and work on building child's self confidence at every stage of life. Shyness comes from lack of confidence or lack of attention. Parents should provide kid the attention he is craving for.

It is important to encourage child to socialize with children of his age. Prompt him to play with other kids. Parents can also think of organizing interesting games at home where child will be joined by other kids of his age. This way, he will be able to relax and enjoy more. Don’t make any comparisons of your child with other kids. This instigates inferiority complex. If nothing helps, take your child to a counselor.